Dream of Botswana   OIl, collage, 18 x 18”

Dream of Botswana

OIl, collage, 18 x 18”

Art Bio

Much of my creative work has been in response to the natural environment. The work is about something I have spent quite a bit of time with, such as the cormorants that populated our stretch of the river one summer, the 11 white egrets the next summer, and the trees and other plants and birds on our property on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

More recently I have been working in a narrative style and am especially drawn to the patterns made by people from cultures reaching back to ancient times. Those patterns are another connection to nature, our modern way of living separates us from that ancient iconography and ways of knowing.

You can see my work at Gallery Clarendon in Arlington, VA, and by appointment in Studio 5 of Columbia Pike Artist Studios, 932 Walter Reed Dr., Arlington, VA. (More opportunities to visit in my studio coming soon!)

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